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Online Training: An end-time alternative to equip you for the work of ministry. practical,easy paced with the materials sent to you by e-mail and made accessible online. Those who complete the quiz are then awarded a certificate. There is no obligation, donations can be made as you are led. courses offered to over 500 students in over 25 countries of the world.

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Kingdom Business Seminars

This has been set up to impart knowledge garnered over the years and the wisdom available in the Bible to individuals in the body of Christ with the aim of releasing and harnessing the entrepreneurial spirit which is much needed in the body of Christ to pave the way for the much talked about transfer of wealth to the righteous. Currently hold as seminars in groups across churches and interest groups. It covers proven business methods using the Bible as the focal point of reference. You and a few groups of friends can request for a seminar once a venue has been sorted. There will be materials for sale to help cover wide ranging topics.

Kingdom Bible School